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aletheia - a Greek word, translated truth.

The Greek word ἀλήθεια is formed from the prefix α- meaning not, and lethei λήθη meaning forgetfulness, oblivion, or concealment.

The literal meaning of ἀλήθεια may therefore be not forgotten, not oblivious, or not concealed.
Truth should be remembered. Truth should be evident - revealed not concealed - in accord with reality.

Truth has always been important to me. I intended to start building this website with truths from the Bible, history and personal experience. Instead, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken priority. I have never previously found the truth to be so elusive; I have never previously seen so much deception, censorship and propaganda. However, I believe that the truth is hidden in plain sight and hope it can be revealed through research, critical thinking and discernment.

August 2021

Note: This website is currently under development and content is being published cautiously.